Creating efficiency in trading of agricultural commodities by leveraging technology


Sauda Tech is a young startup in both AgTech and FinTech space. Our core focus is to modernize the Indian commodities industry by developing technology solutions catering to every-day business challenges.

Our vision is to significantly increase efficiency in how agricultural commodities are traded in the real world, and facilitate in increasing efficiency for brokers, traders, ginners, mills & other participants in the cotton value chain by providing them solutions to trade securely & seamlessly with their trusted counter-parties. We have been working on various initiatives through digitization, artificial intelligence and data science.


At Sauda, we have one goal - building products that makes trade more efficient & seamless between participants in the value chain. In line with that though, below are a few projects we have worked on, in the past:

    CAI Trader

    We had partnered with the Cotton Association of India to build a mobile application which helps traders, brokers, ginners & mill-owners to digitize and organize their businesses. The App was released at the International Cotton Conference in Mumbai on 6th March 2019. With the initial success of the Mobile App, the CAI trader platform was further developed to build a device agnostic solution (iOS, Android, Web) and cater to a wider audience. CAI Trader provides convenience in the form of converters & calculators, digital Sauda book, market indices, etc.

    Broker Mitra

    Keep a record of all your bargains with imp details like Parakh, Delivery Date, Station, etc., and send instant confirmations to buyers & sellers on SMS & WhatsApp & Email. View trade summary as per your requirement, Net position, Qty Brokered, Avg Price per Deal, etc. and many more features in "Broker Mitra"

    Sauda App

    Offer. Bid. Counter. Confirm-- all using our proprietary in-app transaction engine Only do business with your trusted counterparties Automatically organize all your trades Get a real-time summary of your overall business operations Export everything to Excel with one click


    A digital solution developed using the Corda blockchain, for making the Letter of Credit (LoC) process seamless & time-efficient. The decentralized nature of the Blockchain allows Shylock to eliminate the intermediaries, turn the agreement between the trading parties paperless through smart contracts and drive down cost through digitization.